Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Policy

Can’t get internet service at home? Just moved and the internet isn’t hooked up yet? Need to stay connected on your next roadtrip? Check out a mobile wi-fi hotspot at the Reeves County Library!

The Reeves County Library (RCL) loans free mobile wi-fi hotspots to patrons to increase their access to the internet and other digital resources. RCL is not responsible for any information a patron accesses using a wi-fi hotspot nor any actions they take while online. Using the hotspot to access any online content that is determined to be illegal or obscene according to federal, state, or municipal law will result in revocation of hotspot borrowing privileges and potentially criminal prosecution.


  • Have a Reeves County Library card for a minimum of 90 days
  • Be age 18 or older
  • Patron must be in good standing, with no lost items on their library card and $0.00 in current fines

Terms and Conditions

  • Hotspot checkout is limited to one per household
  • The lending and internet access period is 7 days, with no renewals. After the hotspot has been late for 24 hours, service will be disabled.
  • Hotspots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reeves County Library reserves the right to refuse service to patrons who abuse equipment or who have a history of returning items late.
  • Hotspots cannot be placed on reserve.
  • To best serve the largest number of library patrons, hotspot cannot be checked out for 1 week after having been returned.

Overdue and Lost Policy

  • Overdue hotspots incur a charge of $5.00 per day for each day it is overdue, to a maximum of $50.00.
  • Hotspot chargers not returned with the hotspot will incur a $25.00 replacement charge.
  • The patron is responsible for loss, damage, or theft. If any problems are encountered, patrons should return the device immediately to the front desk at the Library.Hotspots that are lost, stolen, or damaged will incur a charge of $77.00 plus any additional overdue charges incurred.