Recipient of the LCPB 2023 Sub-Grant ANNOUNCEMENT

We have been selected as a recipient of the 2023 sub-grants given by the Literacy Coalition of the Permian Basin (LCPB). In the photo below, board members of the LCPB are pictured alongside Dr. Sharon Thomas, Library Director for Reeves County Library, and Director of Digital Media, Daniel Alvarado, showing his support.
We will use the sub-grant funding to buy new books for library events. Our events welcome children of all ages, not just pre-school-aged students. In promoting the love for books among children, the Library Director, Dr. Sharon Thomas, places great importance on instilling in them a sense of ownership over their personal library, allowing them to cultivate their specific preferences and tastes. Such a responsibility nurtures a passion for reading and encourages children to expand their literary horizons. A grant of $2500 has been awarded to support the Story Time program, aimed at promoting literacy among children. Reeves County has contributed an equal amount in support of this library program. The funds will be utilized to purchase new books for children to take home, thereby enriching their reading experience and fostering a love for books.
The purpose of the sub-grants is to provide support and resources to adult education providers and literacy initiatives, with the goal of empowering them to make a positive impact in their communities in the Permian Basin. Small rural literacy providers often lack resources and skilled staff to manage budget items. The sub-grant program offers up to $5,000 to purchase curriculum, hire tutors, or create new programs for an immediate impact. LCPB Board seeks to expand service providers’ capacity, not replace them. Funds will boost their impact in tackling low literacy awareness in the region.